Thursday, 20 March 2014

Raissa's birthday

Yesterdey was my senior high school friend's birthday,Raissa!! Everyone call her queen raissa hahaha she's soo kindly to everyone, Raissa is a dutch literature student at Universitas Indonesia. So,me and my friends gathered first before we went to Raissa's home. Ok lemme share our 'narsis' pictures ;)

Can you guess which one is Raissa? She uses she gave you kisses on the picture number 1. The girl who also use glasses is Kintani,design's student at Institute Kesenian Jakarta. Hanifa is a girl who wearing veil and use glasses too, a psychology student at Universitas Negri Jakarta, and the last one is Nisa, a history student at Universitas Indonesia. Actually I use glasses too in my daily day hehe

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