Monday, 2 March 2015

Soo here I am,fourth semester!! I couldn't believe time goes so fast ya. I'm so grateful that I still being a college student but kinda feeling sorry for my eldest brother because he has to stuggle more to paid my college (I'll make you proud of me bro ^_^) You know...when I was in high school I thought being a student college would be awesome,free,can do whatever you want..but I didn't realize how hard you should pass the obstacles hmm so I understand that kind of feeling XOXO everyone in your class wanna be the best in any major and then you must to be one of that kind of best with your own style ~~ I wish I'm gonna be better in this semester and get part time job because when I was still on holiday I'd applied cv at gaudi but until now I haven't got any call yet :((( so good luck for evertything guys!! yoyoyoyo cheers